IMA 4th consortium meeting

IMA 4th consortium meeting was held in Brussels 20th March 2014. Technical progress, dissemination activity and plan for exploitation was reviewed. See minute here. On 21st March we had a mid-term review meeting with EC with quite positive results.

IMA presented in Zaragoza

IMA presented at Zaragoza physiotherapy Students Congress, AEF as colaborative organizacitaon of the congress has presentend the IMA poject consortium, aims and goals to the Physsiotherapy students met in Zaragoza on marc 1st.


IMA 3rd consortium meeting

IMA 3rd consortium meeting was held in Valencia on 1st October 2013. Progress in hardware and software development was reviewed and first draft interim plan for use and dissemination of knowledge was discussed. See minute here.


IMA presented at SERMEF 2013

IMA presented at SERMEF 2013. Ignacio Bermejo, IBV, was invited to speak about tele-reahilitation at the SERMEF congress in Salamanca, Spain, on 30th May. Among other progressive ideas he described the IMA idea and our user driven approach in system development.

IMA 4th technical meeting

IMA 4th technical meeting was held in Reykjavik on 21st May. The focus of this meeting was mostly on hardware development but rough schematics for software architecture and graphical user interface was also discussed.

IMA 2nd consortium meeting

IMA 2nd consortium meeting was held in Melton Mowbray on 12th April 2013. Product requirement document, based on results from PT focus groups, was reviewed and system configuration outlined. See minutes here.